There will be the opportunity to attend three workshop sessions from a choice of eleven different workshops.  Most workshops will be repeated during the day so there will be six or seven workshops options to choose from for each workshop session.  You will be asked to make your final workshop choices on registration when you arrive at the conference.


11.15am – 12noon

12.10pm – 1.00pm.

2.50pm – 3.40pm

Resilience & Hope Pam Lunn 1                   Resilience & Hope Pam Lunn 1                   Inner Resilience Pam Lunn 2          
Sustainable TransportBettina Lange  


TransitionBiff Vernon                    Education for SustainabilityKaren Lowthrop   
Working with local governmentKate Bell, Tamara Walters, Steve Golightly              Sustainable FinanceBeth Stratford               


Working with local government Kate Bell, Tamara Walters, Steve Golightly
Sustainable FinanceBeth Stratford              Sustainable TransportBettina Lange     TransitionBiff Vernon           
Community EnergyRichard Jones               Community EnergyRichard Jones                EcocongregationsTerry Miller  
PermacultureNigel Lowthrop             EcocongregationsTerry Miller        PermacultureNigel Lowthrop     
  BiodiversityFran Hitchinson           BiodiversityFran Hutchinson   

Details of the different workshops are below and information about the workshop leaders is available here.

Resilience & hope – responses and discussion – Pam Lunn

An opportunity to respond to and reflect on issues raised by Pam’s talk.

Education for SustainabilityKaren Lowthrop

This workshop will look at the  integration of Education for Sustainability across the curriculum.

Inner resilience – spiritual practice for anyone/everyone – Pam Lunn

A participatory exploration one of the themes in Pam’s talk – how do we grow our personal inner resilience? The use of the term ‘spiritual’ here is absolutely not restricted to people who embrace a religious framework.

Practical Permaculture LivingNigel Lowthrop
A personal perspective from a pragmatic and practical Yorkshire man applying permaculture to business and living.  Lessons learnt and applying permaculture to conservation.

Sustainable Transport Bettina Lange

The workshop will cover the following aspects

  1. why current transport and travel patterns are not future proof
  2. how they need to change to future proof them
  3. what the barriers are to these changes
  4. how the barriers may be overcome

The workshop will be run as a mixture of short presentations and ‘hands-on’ involvement by those attending. It will be an opportunity for those attending to learn about the complexities of transport planning in England, and threats and opportunities for sustainable transport.

Working with Local Government – Kate Bell, Environment Coordinator for City of Lincoln Council; Steve Golightly, Carbon Reduction team leader for Lincolnshire County Council; Tamara Walters, Sustainability Officer for North Kesteven District Council

This workshop we will explore the impacts of climate change on Lincoln and rural Lincolnshire and how community, organisations and businesses can work together with local government to identify adaptive solutions including delivery mechanisms, barriers to change and opportunities.

Sustainable Finance: Myth-busting for a more resilient and sustainable economy Beth Stratford

The economic system is in crisis.  Conventional politics and economics prescribe the same old medicine: return to growth by stimulating banks to lend, and people to spend again.  But this response ignores two important problems: the fact that we inhabit a finite planet (there is a strong historical relationship between economic growth and resource/energy use); and the fact that the present crisis was brought about by excessive private debt in the first place.  Beth Stratford will challenge the mainstream economic analysis, and suggest some radical routes towards a fairer, more resilient and sustainable economy.

Community Energy – Richard Jones

So far the bulk of renewable energy activity in the UK has centred on 3 areas of activity – homeowners investing in solar panels; large companies putting ‘free’ solar panels on house roofs; and large landowners investing in large scale wind turbines and solar farms.  Now the market is maturing and less onshore wind farms are being permitted, how could communities become a driver for the next stage of development for all types of renewable energy to improve our energy resilience for future generations?  Take part in a practical discussion that will help you and your community take action…

Transition – Biff Vernon

The “Transition” movement began in Kinsale in 2005 & has spread rapidly internationally, as a catalyst for community–led responses to the challenges of Climate Change & Peak Oil.  This workshop will introduce you to the principles of Transition & how it’s working out in Lincolnshire . . . and how you could be involved.

Ecocongregations Terry Miller

Eco-Congregation is an ecumenical programme helping churches make the link between environmental issues and Christian faith, and respond in practical action in the church, in the lives of individuals, and in the local and global community.  Terry will draw on his experience as an Ecocongregations assessor to help participants consider how their church & its activities can become more sustainable.

Biodiversity – Fan Hitchinson

Title: What is best for biodiversity?
Synopsis: Many people ask us, “what is the best thing to do for our wildlife/ my bit of land/ village green/ field corner/ garden for biodiversity?” and they are often happiest with specific ‘how to’ instructions.  In view of threats to biodiversity, this workshop will explore a variety of approaches and propose a series of questions rather than a set of answers.


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