Exhibitors are welcomed and will be accommodated in the Business and Law Building.

Please contact Geoff Stratford at geoffstrat@phonecoop.coop and discuss any particular needs.

Peter Allen-Williams: Freewatt

freewatt renewable energy logo

Fran hitchinson: Greater Lincolnshire Nature Partnership

GLNP logo !cid_image001_png@01CE611F

Rosie Redzia: Woodlands Farm

Layout 1

Melanie Carrol: Unicorn Tree Books & Crafts www.facebook.com/UnicornTreeBooks
or www.lincolnbookshop.co.uk– Bookstall & some fairtrade/gift items

new rewards

Richard Jones: Energy My Way  www.energymyway.co.uk EnergyMyWay logo STRAP

Geoff Jones: A display to explain composting

Marcus Dredge of http://veganoutreachuk.blogspot.co.uk/:  “The Environmental Diet”

James Irvine: Lincoln Hackspace

David Greenop & Alison Wilmshurst: Transition Lincoln

Biff Vernon: Transition Town Louth

Helen Percy: with books by our Keynote Speaker Pam Lunn, & other books fron Quaker bookshop

Nick Dunnett:  Lincoln Conservation Group

Laura Stratford: Lincolnshire Permaculture Group

Nicola Watson:  Population Matters

Further details of confirmed exhibitors will be available soon!


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